Another successful Audit for TTS FM
Another successful Audit for TTS FM

Another successful Audit for TTS FM

All, it is with great pride I am able to confirm we have passed with ‘flying colours’ this year’s SIA – ACS & Quality Management ISO 9001 & Environmental Management 14001 (a three part full annual audit) & with outstanding results.

On the ISO 9001 & 14001 side the results are;

No none Conformances & only four minor observations;

  1. To include two tests of resilience in our 2021/22 year & record in our Risk Management Report.
  2. Riverdale paper confidential wate removal continue failed to complete their waste documentation in correctly in accordance with the regulations. Despite all of Emily’s efforts to get this correct we must consider terminating Riverdale for another competitor who do following the regulations correctly.
  3. Some documentation carries the old CCAS logo within & needs changing to the SSIAB.
  4. All sub-contractor/partner ACS audit ZOOM Conference Call Recordings, a ‘dip test’ need archiving for a minimum of one year.

Sentiments of the Auditor, Jackie Plass; Jackie said, she evidenced excellent detail, presented by passionate & committed TTS FM staff members. The interaction with all TTS FM Team members was outstanding. She would like to thank all & confirmed we passed with ‘flying colours’.

 On the SIA – ACS side the results are;

 No None Conformances & only four minor observations;

Response Services & Key Management require innovation with this install of key Management Safes in the Patrol Vehicles to meet the new standards. The inefficiency of taking one key out & returning too & from isn’t either operationally viable not cost effective. Note; we demonstrated the Controller in situ out of hours & the Mobile Supervisor working on the ground. Had we not have done so & presented the standard we have previously & currently doing with one Mobile or two on the ground then we would have failed the audit. We have been economical with the show & tell situation to reach compliance sign-off.

  1. Performance should be cross referenced at ‘high-level’ with other similar ACS companies, presented & monitored.
  2. Our incident Management Plan must be exercised twice per year & documented accordingly i.e. business continuity practices, loss of use of the SBW Centre & where we all operate from to remain operational & effective.
  3. Old versions of RI & AI’s or Codes of Practices should be archives separately to the main ‘show & tell’ files.

Sentiments of the Auditor, Stuart Tisseman; Stuart said, he evidenced excellent best practice across all Team members. He was delighted with everyone’s participation & how everyone was aware of the companies key objectives & practices to achieve them. Security Officers on their assignments presented well, in full uniform with ID Cards alongside very well manged Assignment Folders & AI’s, RI’s & supporting data. He felt how the TTS FM Team were extremely passionate & when ‘above & beyond’ to operate within the boundaries of our SIA & ACS Licence & expectations. Stuart delivered this message in person in the office on his closing statement & informed all we had passed with ‘flying colours’ & increased our scores because of our accuracy & innovation from 102 to 116, an unprecedented 14 point increase. Stuart mentioned in his time as an Auditor he’d not seen such an increase in scores in any other company.

What can I say….. an outstanding result my thanks goes out to you all for all your hard work in the preparation, more to the point your continuous accuracy throughout the year to maintain the various standards. To say I am bursting with pride is an understatement. Thank you all.

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