You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why our TTS FM front of house service is so important. Get it right and you can really stand out from your competitors and be remembered for delivering exceptional service. The correct control over access is vital to the security of any premises. This may involve manning a barrier, gatehouse or reception and the issuing, collection and checking of passes. TTS FM staff, both male and female are experienced in all these areas, ensuring secure access throughout the working day or out of normal working hours. As well as limiting access to authorized people, they can control the movement of goods in or out.

We have experience in a number of sectors and our team brings together the best practices to create a five-star front of house service. We work with you to understand your culture, so that the reception service we deliver reflects the sort of organisation you are. That way every visitor receives a personal, professional service and feels welcomed and valued.



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