TTS FM can offer a full range of facilities management services, from basics like cleaning, to high-end specialist services like catering and unique products like our Great Annual Savings energy management programmes. Integrated facilities management means tailor-making a package that doesn’t just fit your needs, but also your business profile. It also means providing services through our own teams, rather than through complicated supply chains which only duplicate inputs and more worryingly margins. We believe that by having a highly visible strategy it makes it easier for you to monitor our performance.


We pride ourselves on giving you the best of both worlds: all the efficiency savings of outsourcing, plus the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you’d have if you did it yourself. Every business needs to economise, we can deliver that – savings from day one. Our aim is to assist in reducing your costs and increasing value. Our strategy is simply designed to save you money today and make your business more efficient and sustainable for tomorrow.



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