We at TTS FM understand all of the day-to-day managing issues inherent in the ownership of property or land, and have utilised a key mix of industry experience along with progressive thinking and innovative technology to provide a range of services that will give our customers a fully integrated solution. These services have been carefully created to maintain a wide choice on budget and customer interaction so that all of the choices are directly in your hands. Our Property Services team has been set up to be on hand and offer advice and solutions whenever you need us and we see this availability as part of our core, offering whenever required – a property or service  entrusted to our care. 


A fully visible operation is carefully maintained to allow our clients the peace of mind to track their property care at any stage, making our services and systems completely transparent to clients and available to any queries that they may have. We have split our service range into three separate categories to assist in the distinction of the different job types required and these categories are:-

  • Security services deals with the multiple levels of physical equipment utilized to restrict or stop access to land or buildings, and also the different types of electronic equipment made available to report on or restrict access.
  • Maintenance services are grouped together as the necessary job types to repair or enhance the well being of your buildings and/or the land attached to them.
  • Specialist services are the tasks that would maintain the safety of entering a property or land, and allow persons to carry out other tasks whilst protecting an individual’s health and safety requirements.



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