Why Choose TTS FM As Your Security Partner
Why Choose TTS FM As Your Security Partner

Why Choose TTS FM As Your Security Partner

At TTS FM we offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ Security and Facilities solution to businesses. The services we provide are high-quality tailored services to meet our customers’ needs. As a nationwide security provider, we cover all the key areas including Newcastle, Sunderland, Manchester, the Midlands, Scotland and London. We understand that one security service does not fit all businesses. With the knowledge and expertise of our team, we deliver a highly efficient service for all of our customers.  In this blog we are going to discuss our range of security services that we offer.

TTS FM Guarding

At TTSM we provide Manned Guarding to protect, property, assets and people. All of our officers are uniformed and remain visible to help discourage any illegal or inappropriate actions that may be carried out. This is achieved by patrolling the property and grounds or watching CCTV and alarm systems for any signs of crime or disorder. All of our officers are SIA licensed, which ensures that any security officer is fit, proper and correctly trained. In total TTS FM offer over 50 years combined security experience.

TTS FM Despatch

As a security company in Newcastle covering major areas throughout the nation, we can ensure our customers premises are secure during ‘out of hours’. Our despatch team will respond to your burglar alarms or fire alarms if they sound. With our informative approach to meet your requirements our team use the latest technology to supply an outstanding service. The TTS FM Mobile Team will report the incident they have attended and keep a record of all occurrences.

TTS FM Despatch covers the following:

  • Alarm response
  • Key holding
  • Mobile patrol
  • Security escort
  • Security in attendance

TTS FM Watch

Technology is evolving and the way we do our daily tasks are different. As times are changing, businesses are installing security cameras to ensure help prevent/ capture and anti-social behaviour. In order to help protect your business and your reputation, installing CCTV has never been more important. TTS FM can provide your business with surveillance equipment.

Security Dog Handlers

If you are trying to contain a crowd or safeguarding a property, at times a single person doesn’t have the ability to prevent crime.  This is why in some circumstances we recommend a security dog to help provide and extra layer of security. With one handler and a dog they have the power replace a forces of security officers.

As a nationwide security company providing services to Newcastle, Teesside, London and other prime locations, we can help ensure your business premises is safe at all times. To find out more information about our services visit ttsfm.co.uk or call us on 03333 441000.

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